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Hi! I'm a game designer, engineer, entrepreneur, arts professor, and an advocate for games, tech, and AI.

Here’s a radical suggestion: I propose that the exercise itself of designing conversational AI characters is one that engenders empathy with them — and with each other. This latter part is a potentially thorny issue; while there are no ‘quick fixes’ for societal empathy — and certainly not through purely technological interventions — we can see how this can be part of the answer. Our tools shape us.


Mitu Khandaker is CEO & co-founder of Glow Up Games, a new mobile free-to-play games & creative tech studio building systems-driven games for diverse audiences.

She is also Assistant Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center, where she teaches game design and development. She holds a PhD on designing games for immersive interfaces such as VR, and has a background in computer engineering.

She also worked in the indie game space on titles such as the social simulation game Redshirt. She has received a number of international accolades, including winning the Breakthrough Brit BAFTA in 2013 and the Creative English Trailblazer Award in 2014.

Mitu was previously on the founding team at Spirit AI, a games AI middleware company, and also launched a location-based games startup in 2009. A serial entrepreneur, she was a Kauffman Global Scholar in 2008.

Mitu has a particular interest in encouraging diversity in game development and STEM-related fields, and has served on the advisory committee for the Advocacy Track at Game Developers' Conference since 2014.

She is also on the board of directors at Feminist Frequency, and is a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, appearing on shows such as Project Runway to promote more girls into game development.

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