Still Alive!

Oh dear. My blogging fizzled out – yes, yet again. To be fair, I actually had an excuse this time (personal reasons – can’t mention it here unfortunately). But I am still alive – indeed, I’m doing science and I’m still alive! ;)

Anyway, in order to remedy this severe lack of blog activity for the past two months (oops), I will be doing some extreme retro-blogging for a bit. And I mean extreme. However, this entry is to mark my return to the blogosphere. Oh, and to Twitter too. I have totally rediscovered Twitter (note the sidebar on my blog. (However, do note the lack of my other sidebar with my mini-entries – for some reason, upgrading to WordPress 2.5 completely broke my Redoable theme, alas). Therefore, I’ve decided to commission the lovely Geek Goddess to design me a custom WP theme – something I’d been meaning to do for ages anyway!

I’m also playing about with getting into crazy Web Two Point Oh type ideas like Podcasts! Vlogs! Vodcasts! Watch this space.

Anyway, in non blog-related news (to be covered in more detail when I’m retro-blogging of course, but here’s a summary!): I’ve been on placement with The Education Arcade at MIT since mid-March now, which has been a lot of fun – I’ve been physically located most of the time with the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab, also full of great people. Ooh, my profile on the CMS website is here: http://cms.mit.edu/people/postdocs.php#mkhandaker – exciting stuff!
So tomorrow – I will be attending the amazing phenomenon that is ROFLCon – ROFL! I’m actually volunteering (yay free entry!), so I’ll be (wo)manning the Info Desk for much of the day tomorrow (so come say hello if you’re attending!), as well as helping staff the room for the LOLCats panel (“I can haz case study?”) and the PWNing for the Good of Mankind panel. Awesome. Saturday I’ll be free to wander around of my own free will, which will also be fun! I’m looking forward to Track One on Saturday, mainly. The whole experience is going to be brilliant, anyway, and I’m absolutely in awe of the Harvard/MIT students who have brought the whole thing together!

Okay anyway – will be retro-blogging soon (probably after the madness of this weekend). In the meantime, microblogging is totally where it’s at for me right now. Add me on Twitter and follow my tweets – (Facebook friends, you cannot escape either way – my tweets and my status are linked! Linked!)

This slightly insane sounding entry was brought to you by pizza-fuelled delirium and the letters “el”, “oh”, and “el”.