Entrepreneurship: Some quick links

My ROFLCon writeup is coming soon (possibly), as well as all the other news I’ve promised to catch up on (GDC, internship, life in general), but I’ll leave you with some quick ‘n’ interesting links today:

What is the #1 most important personality trait in an entrepreneur? Hint: according to Melissa Chang, it’s adaptability. I was glad to have discovered this blog actually, a lot of very interesting discussion on entrepreneurship, important and undesirable traits, and general reflections on starting up. Great Stuff!

Also – something close to home: The Kauffman Foundation published a new report about Education and The Tech Entrepreneur. Paul Kedrosky reflects on it here, and recaps some recent discussion going on in the blogosphere about the issue of ‘age and the tech entrepreneur’.

The latter is also kind of topical as it’s my 24th birthday today… :)