Black Hole

This is the title of the M83 track that I currently happen to be listening to; I thought it seemed kind of apt, too!

I realise I unintentionally disappeared for a while. Or did I? Perhaps you can just think of this as an ‘irregularly updated blog’. Either way, I will try to remedy that. I have this new resolution to get over my perfectionism when it comes to things such as writing, and making things. (I am, as you’ll notice, also trying to be more candid on here; that’s another resolution.)

I’ve had several things about which I’ve been wanting to write on here for many months; I’ve seen, discussed, dreamt up, and read so many blogworthy things lately that I’m certainly not short of things to talk about, however, I never seem to find the time, or so I think. It’s true I’ve been busy; I’ve spent the last months juggling many different projects; that is, the doctorate (which has been my “day job”), my stealthy startup project (about which some of you now know), and of course, my charity. However, I’ve decided I’m no longer going to let that be an excuse.

Anyway, I wanted this entry to be a quick round up of miscellany; things which are mostly nothing to do with any of the Mitu-life triad as described. So here we go:

  • Earlier this year, my younger sister and I set up a charitable project, called Arohon (the Bengali word for ‘climb’); our mission is to generally make the world a more awesome place, and for our first endeavour, we’re establishing a new women’s education centre in rural Bangladesh. This is an area where women and girls are not encouraged to pursue their own education and career interests, and we want to inspire this to change. In 10 days, we’re flying to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in an effort to convince you to help us raise £5000 to build this centre. We still have a long way to go, so if you read this, please do consider donating?
  • Speaking of Bangladesh, there’s a piece I’ve been wanting to write in here since December, can you believe, when my family and I visited the village where my father grew up. Broadly, it’s about community, and play. I noticed some very awesome/interesting things during my visit. I will make sure it gets written this week. OR ELSE.
  • Oh, randomly – there was a Michael Jackson game design competition over at a while ago. My delirious, cheesy, 3.30am idea was one of the winners, hurrah. I am secretly a little bit proud, but mostly hideously embarrassed. I will, however, proudly publicly announce that I am relentlessly excited about Ubi’s MJ video game announced at E3. I DON’T CARE IF YOU JUDGE ME.
  • Also randomly – Jim Rossignol and I started a tumblr blog dedicated to robotic, monstrous, and gigantic poignancy. If you share our love of emo robots and tragic monsters, such, you should definitely check it out: Total Eclipse of the Reactor Core.
  • I have a piece appearing in the next issue of Kill Screen magazine. I seem to be in very good company, alongside many of the usual suspects from the Twitter crew.
  • Oh! During a plane ride from San Francisco to London last week, I held a little mini-game jam. By myself, of course. I made this game, entitled Collide; it’s a little bit broken (and generally abstract), but I am kind of fond of it. I may write some words about it here later.
  • Lastly, somewhere I have been writing words a little bit more frequently, is this sub-blog I created: Mitu’s Awesome World-Saving Blog, dedicated purely to talking about various awesome world-saving efforts, in a bid to celebrate them and inspire readers to do more. I’d love it if you subscribed. :)
  • As always, I’ve still been on Twitter.

Sigh. Clearly, even in a quick, informal, ’round-up’ sort of post, I have no sense of brevity.