Settling into Project RS

… which, incidentally, is no longer called Project RS at all! It actually has a name. But, let me get back to that in a minute.

It’s been a good 3 and a half months (I think?) since I put cursor to code on the project, and, it’s been an eventful time, both personally and for The Tiniest Shark Ltd. (In my case, I did such cool things as totally-see-the-last-space-shuttle-launch-omg, an event about which I still need to blog over at, but I’m still not sure I’ve found the words to describe it. I’m beginning to suspect it’s not possible. But, I digress. Or do I? It was sort of massively inspiring when it came to Project RS, too. This may possibly give you a bit of a clue as to the game’s leanings. OR DOES IT. I should probably close these parentheses now, shouldn’t I?)

The Tiniest Shark also has it’s very own new officey home (dubbed, of course, “The Tiniest Shark Tank”), thanks to the always brilliantly supportive University of Portsmouth Centre for Enterprise. In fact, I just uploaded said pictures to The Tiniest Shark’s Facebook Page. (Which, I’d love to nudge you gently towards, for a ‘like’.)

Sometimes, I even work in there.
The Tiniest Shark Tank

Mostly, I have been crunching code. A lot. And not being able to talk about it too much yet, aside from very vague, mostly cathartic updates on the aforementioned Facebook Page and Twitter. However, as mentioned previously, THERE IS NOW A PROPER NAME. And it’s a good one, too. Thanks to all the friends who advised!

Sadly, I cannot yet tell you what it is, until the Official Announcement. Perhaps that will even be the next blog post! Who knows. (I certainly do not.)