Recent Updates: Radio, Letters, and Solo Indie Development

It was brought to my attention that I hadn’t linked recent (and now, I’m afraid, not quite-so-recent) projects and such from my blog, so here is a quick round-up of various things that have been happening lately (-ish).

 Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be asked to give a talk on games for BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought programme. (Radio Times were kind enough to write a very nice review here!) You can listen to the 15-minute recording on the website, or download the podcast (at 19 minutes, complete with additional Q&A too).

In May, the lovely and erudite Emily Flynn-Jones and I presented at the Feminists in Games conference in Toronto, on our letter series Dear Mitu, Dear Emilyin which we corresponded on gender issues in games, the industry, and academia. It was an enlightening process for us both, and, as a result, we wanted to open up the dialogue to others too. We were fortunate enough to receive funding from the FiG iniative to begin our website, Dear Ada, where we have lately embarked upon this mission. I’m incredibly proud of it, even at this early stage. You can read the mission statement here, and do be sure to read the letters, too.

– And finally, my game Redshirt is still coming along, very much under active development, and headed for private beta soon. (You can still always ‘like’ Redshirt on Facebook, remember!) Of course, making games is tough — particularly when you’re a one-woman studio making your first commercial game. I spoke a little about my own experiences of being a solo independent developer last weekend at the excellent AltDevConf Student Summit. You can watch a recording here. (note: it is, unsurprisingly, aimed at students who are maybe thinking of making the same leap I did – or who have just done so.)

– Oh, and finally finally, as an additional reminder, I’ve been writing a regular column for games culture digital magazine, Continue. Please do make sure to buy all three issues so far — aside from my ramblings on issues to do with controller technology, the magazine features an even-better wealth of features of amazing game developers and thinkers alike.