Interviews, News, and Paste’s #2 Game at GDC!

It’s finally time for a little news roundup! So a few weeks ago, I took a build of Redshirt with me to Game Developer’s Conference 2013, where for the first time, people other than myself (and of course, publisher Cliff Harris!) got a chance to play the game. This was a pretty nervewracking (though very important!) experience, not only for the very valuable feedback I got on the game, but also, on a more personal level, getting over that weird psychological barrier of showing the game to people.

I did an interview with Adam Smith of Rock, Paper Shotgun (which went online today!) and I touched on this a little bit at the beginning of the interview, before going into details of the game, veering into social justice issues, and back again! Please do check it out if you have the time.


Anyway, so whilst at GDC, in addition to my friends, some very kind journalists checked out the game, too. One of whom was Richard Clark from Paste magazine, who spent some hands-on time playing, which he wrote up in his GDC round-up feature on the magazine. The best and most surprising news of all, though, was that Paste declared Redshirt NUMBER 2 in their TEN BEST GAMES OF GDC 2013.


I also took a very early build of the iPad version of Redshirt to a ‘mobile speed pitch’ event, where I had only a few minutes to sum up the game to various tables of journalists. You know, kind of like speed dating (but with way more screens shoved in people’s faces). After that event, IGN and SlideToPlay were nice enough to feature Redshirt as one of their favourite games from the event, so hurrah! You can check out their words here, and here respectively.

There’s been some streamlining of superfluous features since last time, so I will be making a new Developer’s Log video this weekend to show you how the game is looking more recently. It’s definitely getting there!