Redshirt Release Date Confirmed! 13th November 2013.

Good news, nuchachos! There’s a date next week that’s circled in red marker on my calendar. (Well, it would be if I had one; as it happens, I’ve just typed in ALL CAPS on my Google Calendar.)

That date is the official Redshirt release date, and it is 13th November 2013. (That’s November 13th to some of you.)

On that date, it’ll be available to purchase via Steam, GoG, and of course, direct download, for Windows and Mac.

After a long, long journey, it’s really exciting to have an official release date. As you can imagine, there’s lots I need to do to prepare. Thank you to our awesome pre-orderers/beta testers who’ve been so great at providing feedback. If you want to join them, you can preorder Redshirt right now, start playing the beta, and let me know your thoughts on the forums.