2015 and Self-Control


Hi, 2015


Happy New Year, Blog. Happy New Year, everyone!

To start the year off on a postive-(ish) note, I realised that my recent appearance on BBC World Service’s The Forum (recorded in September 2014) was finally broadcast last Sunday, and is available to listen to on iPlayer Radio. The link will take you directly to my section, though it was recorded as an extended 1 hour discussion between all of the guests, centred around the work of the brilliant Professor Walter Mischel (creator of the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment), whom I was very honoured to meet, and whose responses I very much appreciated. (He is in his mid-eighties, and I was absolutely delighted at how much he got it with regards to games. So, I would urge you to listen to the whole program, too.)

I’d been a bit nervous about this finally airing, some of the discussion (as such things often are) had been rather accusatory and suspicious of games, and I had not been at all prepared for that angle. But, having brought myself round to finally listening to it, I don’t think it’s quite as bad as I remembered, and I’m glad to have taken part.

(I will say though, that the games-as-addictive due to dopamine-release angle is one that I find curious, especially when this makes them apparently comparable to drugs and cigarettes instead of say, sunshine or hugging or meditation.)