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Thinking In Play Symposium: Visual Design & Modding Passage

As you may have seen through various press reporting, the inimitable Jason Rohrer’s work has been exhibited at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College for the past couple of months, culminating in a reception and a symposium around his work, entitled “Thinking in Play”. I was invited, along with the wonderful Leigh Alexander (who joined remotely) to be on a panel specifically about the visual design of Jason’s work. The day then followed with subsequent panels featuring Robin Hunicke and others reflecting on the game mechanics of his work.

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I know, who makes resolutions 3 weeks into the New Year, right? I mean, technically, it’s one that began to form over the course of the last six months, in which I’ve been busily working on wrapping up my PhD…

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2015 and Self-Control

To start the year off on a postive-(ish) note, I realised that my recent appearance on BBC World Service’s The Forum (recorded in September 2014) was finally broadcast last Sunday, and is available to listen to on iPlayer Radio. The link will take you directly to my section, though it was recorded as an extended 1 hour discussion…

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